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We burden our eyes more than thirty years ago. Using mobile phones and tablets does not contribute to healthy vision

We burden our eyes more than thirty years ago. Using mobile phones and tablets does not contribute to healthy vision

Last year's October 10 is World Sight Day. On this occasion, experts recall how we are currently burdening our eyesight. While we were only watching TV screens, computer monitors and smart phones have been added to this over the past decade. How do these smart devices spoil our eyes? 

We place great demands on our eyesight, which should also lead to more care for our eyes. But this is not happening. Only a third of patients go to preventive examinations and many others neglect the first signs of serious problems.

This should be highlighted by World Sight Day, which falls on 10 October. Within the framework of this project you can, for example, come to Brno for an examination of the “eye tram”, which will be parked on Česká Street in front of the Church of St. James. Tomas. NeoVize clinicians will measure the eyesight from 12am to 5pm.

What can you do besides prevention for your tired eyes? Occasionally, there are warning signs that excessive use of your phone spoils your eyesight. While watching the display of the mobile phone we forget to blink, eyes dry and sooner tired. However, this negative effect is only temporary.

It is a light source that leads to pupil narrowing and retinal illumination. Thus, the eye is not directly at risk, but it will soon become tired due to increased exertion, which may be manifested, for example, by dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision .

In addition to the intensity of light, its color is also important for the human body. The strongest effect is blue light, which activates receptors on the retina that control alertness. When we are exposed to blue light for too long and not cyclically, as is normal in nature, the natural biorhythm is disturbed. In the evening we do not want to sleep and during the day we are sleepy and restless. The screens of computers, televisions, smartphones and tablets also emit this light.

So how do you help your eyes? Just look more into the distance and preferably into the green.

“As the muscles move the eye, which looks in different directions and at different distances, the eye is also massaged, perfused. It also stimulates metabolism, ”advises Lucie Valešová, eye doctor at the DuoVize Clinic.

One of the most common problems that occurs as a result of too close a close-up of the screen is dry eye syndrome. It affects every seventh person. Why is this so?

Do you think that it is enough to occasionally reach for artificial tears and that red eyes simply work on a computer, and in addition, in an air-conditioned room belong? Forget it! You should address the problem immediately with an ophthalmologist. On the one hand, it will recommend drops that do not harm your eye and, above all, it can identify any inflammation. It must be treated, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the eye.

Drops that treat inflammation not only as a result of dry eyes increase the risk of high intraocular pressure. This is a big problem because high intraocular pressure can damage the optic nerve fibers.

High intraocular pressure also results in dangerous green haze. The problem is that, like blood pressure, it doesn't hurt. The patient does not know anything, so preventive examinations are so important.

“You should have your eyes checked every two to three years, then over the age of 45 once a year. If you have a disease in your family, it is better to start at the age of forty, ”recommends eye doctor Valešová.

In the case of glaucoma, visual field failures occur. Doctors describe it as a falling curtain or a growing wall. There is no cure for the disease, but it can slow down the progression. Usually special eye drops are sufficient. Laser treatment or surgery is rarely necessary.

Conversely, in cataracts, surgery is the only solution and can save patients from blindness. This is one of the reasons why the interest in eye surgery in the Czech Republic has increased in recent years. These are especially those who have undergone cataract surgery.

Cataract most often affects seniors over 65 years.

“Cataract formation is multifactorial, many factors play a role in its development - age, metabolic changes in the lens, nutrition, heredity, and therefore its prevention cannot be prevented,” explains doc. MUDr. Šárka Skorkovská, CSc., Head of NeoVize Brno Eye Clinic. The problem with cataracts is that it may not show itself for a long time.

How can you tell if something is wrong? Cataract is basically an eye lens disease. Originally a clear lens loses its transparency and therefore the view through it looks like a view through frosted glass.

“Depending on the degree of damage, the patient may observe blurry and blurred vision, no sharp image, especially when looking at objects in the distance. He may have a feeling

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