Thursday, February 20, 2020

Improve the quality of walking!

Improve the quality of walking! Three benefits to the body
Feel free to walk anytime, anywhere!

The attraction of walking is that it is easy to use anytime, anywhere, such as when commuting, traveling at work (indoors or outdoors), or walking in private time. If you add a little more consciousness and movement, you can also benefit from increased shape, muscle training, stretching, and stress relief.

① Shape up and muscle training effect

Walking while conscious of breathing increases the amount of oxygen taken into the body, improves metabolism, and provides shape-up and muscle training effects.

② Stretch effect

By moving the parts that you do not normally move or the hardened muscles, the joints will be softened naturally, the muscles will loosen, and the stretching effect will be improved.

③ Stress relief effect

Walking in good rhythm not only reduces fatigue and strain, but also makes walking easier and improves stress relief.

Walking, what are the basic points?

But it's not just about walking. A little choco-choco petapeta walking, such as going to a convenience store in the neighborhood, has a very low exercise effect, and there is no effect in trying hard walking. Therefore, let's hold down basic points such as how to walk, posture, and breathing.

■ Basic walking / posture

(1) With your exhaling breath, draw your stomach to your hips. In addition, ankle-to-trochanter (bone next to hip) → shoulder → straighten from ear, let's stabilize the trunk.

(2) Keep your legs in front of you and move your legs straight forward, keeping your pelvis facing you.

(3) The wearing surface of the foot is naturally from the heel. Keep breathing effortless.

■ Improve the amount of exercise with awareness of breath and form

By taking in a large amount of fresh air while conscious of exhaling, oxygen spreads to every corner of the body and a fat burning effect can be expected. The point is vomiting twice and inhaling once, the rhythm of "ha ha, su". For your health, be aware of your breathing first.

Also, always walk with the image of your legs extending from the valley. The muscles in the center of the body are used, naturally increasing the stride length and increasing the amount of exercise. If you want to increase the exercise effect, we recommend going down the stairs.

■ If you pay attention to the form, can you improve your back pain?

People who have back pain tend to have their pelvis tilted and their center of gravity slightly behind. In this position, the waist and thigh front muscles are tight. Keep your pelvis upright to increase the flexibility of your front thigh muscles. Even when walking, using the psoas major muscles will improve back pain.

Go one step further and check out such places

In addition to walking and posture, let's focus on such parts.

■ Shoes

When you start walking as an exercise, choose walking shoes. Walking shoes with high cushioning properties, such as running shoes, can easily become tired. Recommended is that there is little difference in height between the front and rear soles, which is easy to take the correct posture.

■ Nutrition and hydration

Always be careful about a well-balanced meal. In particular, vitamins, which are often found in vegetables and fruits, have the effect of improving sugar and fat metabolism. Also, if you sweat, use a sports drink to supplement minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium.

■ Recommended time is morning

You may have heard that sun exposure increases the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin regulates the autonomic nervous system that controls heart function, metabolism, respiration, etc., and is said to reduce stress by keeping the heart in balance. It is said that the sun stimulates the sympathetic nerve, activates the serotonergic nerve and stimulates the secretion of serotonin, and the recommended time is in the morning where you can walk while taking the morning sun.

Aim for a body that won't get tired by stretching after walking
After walking, it is also recommended to stretch your body to improve your body. The "stretch behind the thighs" introduced here is a stretch that adjusts the hip joint, hamstrings, and pelvis, and is effective not only in improving flexibility but also in stabilizing the pelvis, and by setting the orientation of the pelvis correctly. , The power of the lower body can be demonstrated without waste.

■ Stretch behind the thigh

(1) Stand against a wall, etc., and attach your right foot to the wall. The point of movement is that the pelvis faces the front wall when stretching the back of the thigh. Please note that the effect will be weaker if the pelvis is oblique.

(2) Move your hands around the shin without rolling your waist, and take 10 slow breaths. Same on the other side. At this time, be careful not to lean, lean, or curl.

How was it?コ The trick to keep walking is not to overdo it. Even a little shortage can be expected to be effective enough. Do not make a quota such as XX steps a day, but first have an awareness of "improving the quality" of everyday walking. It would be nice to make friends who walk together. On holidays, stroll through the park or go shopping in the city to refresh yourself.

Why don't you change your shoes casually, take a big step forward, and have a habit of sending a healthy body and mind every day?

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