Friday, February 14, 2020

Importance of water

:قرآن میں جگہ جگہ ذکر ہے کہ ’’ہم نے زمین و آسمان چھ دن میں بنائے‘‘ بے شک زمین و انسان کی تخلیق میں پانی اہم                                                                                                                                   
The presence of the Spirit in the body is a symbol of life and water is the most important thing in order to survive. The basic need of every soul is water. Seventy percent of the land is composed of rivers and oceans on water. Even though 25 or only 30% is used for drinking water, agricultural countries need it most for agricultural commodities. Pakistan is an agricultural country, it has a backbone status for agriculture and industry, but sadly drinking water has become rare in some countries in the world, including our country Pakistan. In 2025, we will not be facing severe water shortages. In South Africa's Cape Town, underground water has dried up, while water has its own science. Water goes from deep to sweet or unusable. Water scarcity is a problem all over the world, but Chinese experts say that they are using 60-70%, which is why in agriculture it exports onion, ginger and garlic. Because of the seaweed, Malta is the leading producer of fruits in Pakistan, which goes to China, but the farmers are getting less than the amount of water they need for our agriculture. The canal system is built in the British era. Not paying attention to the new dam. As much money is being spent on the Green and Orange Line, dams are more important for the economy and agriculture of the country. Not only does it survive but the fountains and waterfalls are flowing from them and flows and flows into the rivers and oceans. Instead of using our domestic and agricultural needs, let them fall into the sea from the rivers if we are to feed small ducks. Make it safe so that we can greatly benefit our agriculture and make the farmers prosperous, and prevent floods. Can generate electricity at the regional level in the summer, but can be self-sufficient for drinking, home use and agriculture.

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