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Eggs are good for your health!

Eggs are good for your health! Did you know that it has this effect?

Eggs are now an essential ingredient in our lives!

I eat delicious and cheap and just a lot (* ^ ^ *)

 Boiled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs.

It is also attractive that it can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as mixing with other dishes ♪

However, some people hate eggs.

The reason is

High in cholesterol
Scary Salmonella
Seems to be the majority.

 However, the health power of eggs seems to be gaining attention recently!

This time about the health power of eggs!

Did you know that there are five effects?

 let's go! !

Egg city legend
Egg and cholesterol mistakes
Salmonella mistake

5 Reasons Eggs Are Good for Your Body!
Egg health power 1, Colin is amazing! !
Egg health power 2, well balanced nutrition such as vitamins and minerals!
Egg health power 3, strengthen bones, hair and nails!
Egg health power 4, good for the eyes!
Egg health power 5, good for diet!
Egg city legend

Eggs are good for your body ♪

That said, some people do not eat eggs for various reasons.

I will follow in order! ! !

Egg and cholesterol mistakes
"I have high cholesterol."

That said, some people don't eat much eggs.

Such my parents

Eggs are high in cholesterol so only one per day

I was raised.


Elevating cholesterol by eating eggs does not seem to be human.

There is only one egg per day in the days when supplies were scarce after the war.

Eggs were valuable.

Therefore, it seems that the superstition that eggs are prized so much that only one egg per day is born.

At present, research results show that ingestion of cholesterol from eggs does not affect blood cholesterol level, but also plays a role as a `` bandage plaster '' such as helping to generate bile acids necessary for digestion of cell membranes and fats. I understand.

Evil treats egg cholesterol! !

Salmonella mistake
First, let's understand what Salmonella is!

Salmonella is one of the bacteria that causes food poisoning.

Growth temperature is over 10 ℃
Especially at temperatures above 20 ° C, fertility increases
Salmonella grows up to 37 ° C
That means.

The symptoms of salmonella food poisoning can occur within 48 hours.

Heat generation of 39 ° C or more
Such symptoms appear.

Infected children with low immunity and the elderly rarely become more severe.

That said, Salmonella is easy to control.

"Die by enough heating"

In other words, it seems OK if you heat it so much that the whites and yolks harden in the usual cooking.

If you want to know the specific time

The standard is to heat at 75 ° C for 1 minute or more, or at 65 ° C for 5 minutes or more.

In addition, eggs originally sold at supermarkets etc. are based on the Food Sanitation Law.

"Mostly sterilized and sterilized before shipping"

This means that eggs that are properly managed at low temperatures and eat within the expiration date are almost free of Salmonella.

5 Reasons Eggs Are Good for Your Body!

I've explained some common mistakes about eggs above.

With that in mind, I will talk about the reasons why eggs are good for health!

It is a must-see for what effect it has! !

Egg health power 1, Colin is amazing! !
The ingredient called choline is a name that you don't hear much.

But the choline in the egg is amazing!

The effects of choline work primarily on the brain.

What kind of effect is there?

It promotes the repair and organization of brain and cell membranes.

That's amazing!

To be specific, choline alone is not enough


The above effect is obtained by producing the neurotransmitter called.

Conversely, when acetylcholine runs short

Decreased learning ability
Memory disorder
It can be one of these causes.

So eating an egg means

Ingesting choline → Acetylcholine is generated → Promotes memory and brain growth

That's it!

Moreover, the amount of choline in eggs is about three times that of soybeans.

In addition, egg choline is the most easily absorbed characteristic of food.

Studies have also shown that taking choline and vitamin B12 together can help improve dementia.

Here, I want to recommend

"Pregnant and nursing women"

This is because acetylcholine is sent to the baby through the body and through breast milk, which tends to be scarce.

So pregnant women and newborn moms should actively eat eggs ♪

Egg health power 2, well balanced nutrition such as vitamins and minerals!
Only vitamins as nutrients in eggs

Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B2
But it is included in a well-balanced manner.

Not only that, but also with other nutrients

Omega-3 fatty acids
Contains such minerals.

Of special note are omega-3 fatty acids!

It is an indispensable substance for lifestyle-related diseases and diets.

The effects of omega-3 fatty acids

Lower cholesterol
Lowers triglycerides
Hypertension prevention
Prevention of arteriosclerosis and myocardial infarction
There are many effects, such as.

I'm glad that you can easily take it with eggs ☆

Egg health power 3, strengthen bones, hair and nails!
Eggs contain many ingredients that strengthen bones, hair and nails.

Regarding "bone"
The calcium in the eggs helps and vitamin D is produced in the body when exposed to ultraviolet light.

In addition, the nails, hair, bones, teeth, etc. are collectively strengthened and have a function of activating cells and an antioxidant effect.

Regarding "hair and nails"

Animal proteins, vitamin A, vitamin H, iron, and vitamin D mentioned above are also active.

In addition, zinc in eggs is an element that modern people tend to lack!

Lack of zinc can cause symptoms such as fatigue, tiredness, and lack of energy as a man ('・ ω ・ `)

In addition, zinc can be expected to promote metabolism of nails, hair and skin!

Especially for men, zinc is said to be important for restoring confidence.

This one that is used by more than 60,000 people is also amazing.

Egg health power 4, good for the eyes!
Surprisingly, eggs are good for your eyes!

"If you're tired, drink raw eggs."

There is a word from old days.

In fact, eggs contain a lot of good substances for the eyes.

In particular

Vitamin A
Vitamin B
These play a big role.

Vitamin A is significantly involved in the formation of the cornea and surrounding muscles of the eye.

Vitamin B has a role in activating metabolism.

One of the causes of eye fatigue is poor metabolism.

It seems that eye cells tend to accumulate fatigue and become tired when they are old.

There, vitamin B plays a significant role.

Lutein is an ingredient that has recently attracted attention.

Eye drops and supplements containing lutein are increasing as well!

Many of you may have seen it, right?

Lutein is also called natural sunglasses and plays a role in cutting blue light.

Also, it seems that the incidence of cataract, which is likely to occur with aging, is being given.

What are the features of egg lutein? Absorption into the body is higher than green and yellow vegetables.

Thorough egg is a good food for your eyes!

Egg health power 5, good for diet!
Eggs are actually good for diet!

Somehow eggs seemed to be versatile ingredients (laughs)

Metabolic syndrome, a symptom common to modern people.

It is characterized by high neutral fat and low good cholesterol.


The choline in the egg controls the amount of neutral fat.

And it doesn't increase visceral fat because it is almost free of carbohydrates.

aside from that. Eating eggs fills your stomach even though it is small.

If you eat it with a boiled egg, you will especially notice that feeling.

Recent research has shown that eating morning eggs makes it difficult to get hungry during the day.

In addition, the eggs themselves are low-calorie ingredients.

Eating two morning eggs is modest in calories.

For reference, one calorie in a boiled egg is

About 91 kcal

You can see that even if you eat two, there are fewer than rice and side dishes!

The diet effect of the egg still continues.

Omega-3 fatty acids contained in eggs.

Exercise with ingestion of these omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to promote fat burning!

From these things, eggs are also effective for dieting ♪

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