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Pain on the back

Pain on the back:

 When to go to the doctor and what to do to prevent it?

Up to 80% of the population will suffer from back or neck pain during their lifetime, while 50% of the working population will experience symptoms of back or neck pain at least once a year.
Back pain is more common in those who are 30 to 60 years old. Few people under 18 and over 60 have back problems. In part, these statistics reflect the greater demands of working adults, while adolescents have flexible backs and the elderly's spine becomes less flexible, which protects them from stress, limiting the number of movements. You are more likely to have back pain if your daily activities include lifting and transport.

The causes of back pain are as follows

In many cases, acute back pain is simply a reaction to unusual use. If you do not exercise frequently and suddenly spend a day moving furniture or digging in the garden, the next day your back may be clogged and aching. This is normal. The pain and grip are due to a passing muscle spasm and a small sprain of ligaments in your back, a minor injury, which can also occur from excessive stretching or clumsy lifting of a heavy weight.


You may feel a sudden, sharp back pain or, even, something 'going away', especially if you have a sensitive area between the muscles of your lower back.
Other common causes of sudden back pain are joint pain and disc herniation. These injuries tend to cause more severe and persistent pain. In the first case of vertebral hinges, often followed by a rotational motion, two or more adjacent vertebrae slightly escape and the joints are irritated by their alignment. As the disc slides, part of the hard outer layer between the two vertebrae breaks, allowing the soft center of the disc to protrude. This protrusion presses one of the nerves coming out of the spine. The slump may be the result of minor injury if the disc is worn out by previous friction and strain. And with the dislocation of the joint and the dislocation of the disc, the muscles above the affected area tend to contract, making the pain worse. The prolapse of a disc can also cause pain in one leg (sciatica). Coughing, laughing or tightening for deception can also increase pain.

So the causes of back pain are:

Muscle strain:- is the most common cause of back pain-

Intervertebral disc rupture: also called disc herniation, is another common cause of back pain.

Spinal Stenosis: Causes Back Pain. As we grow older, the spine can become distressed, partly due to arthritis.

Arthritis: most commonly affects joints, such as the knees and fingers.

Back pain: causes back pain. The most common cause of vertebral slippage is due to degenerative changes that cause loss of normal stabilization of the spine structures. If the spine becomes quite unstable, back pain can become a problem.
Osteoporosis can cause a number of orthopedic problems and general discomfort. Osteoporotic back pain is usually associated with compression of the vertebral fractures. Osteoporosis causes weak bones and can lead to fractures.

What can be done?

Most acute back pain can subside if time is given to the injured spinal cord to heal. Usually healing is assisted by rest, longer than 24 hours, on a hard mat or board or lying on a hard surface, such as the floor. Try to avoid any position or movement that exacerbates the pain. If you need to sit down, make sure you are sitting upright, far back in the chair. When lifting off the chair or bed, press with your hands to reduce the stress on your spine. To move from a lying position, scroll down to the edge of the bed and lower your legs to the floor as you lift the top of your body.
The treatment of persistent pain depends on their cause. If there is a mechanical problem that does not improve with rest, taking or injecting anti-inflammatory drugs may help. You can also put a hot pad, a heated compressor or water heater.

Improve the quality of walking!

Improve the quality of walking! Three benefits to the body
Feel free to walk anytime, anywhere!

The attraction of walking is that it is easy to use anytime, anywhere, such as when commuting, traveling at work (indoors or outdoors), or walking in private time. If you add a little more consciousness and movement, you can also benefit from increased shape, muscle training, stretching, and stress relief.

① Shape up and muscle training effect

Walking while conscious of breathing increases the amount of oxygen taken into the body, improves metabolism, and provides shape-up and muscle training effects.

② Stretch effect

By moving the parts that you do not normally move or the hardened muscles, the joints will be softened naturally, the muscles will loosen, and the stretching effect will be improved.

③ Stress relief effect

Walking in good rhythm not only reduces fatigue and strain, but also makes walking easier and improves stress relief.

Walking, what are the basic points?

But it's not just about walking. A little choco-choco petapeta walking, such as going to a convenience store in the neighborhood, has a very low exercise effect, and there is no effect in trying hard walking. Therefore, let's hold down basic points such as how to walk, posture, and breathing.

■ Basic walking / posture

(1) With your exhaling breath, draw your stomach to your hips. In addition, ankle-to-trochanter (bone next to hip) → shoulder → straighten from ear, let's stabilize the trunk.

(2) Keep your legs in front of you and move your legs straight forward, keeping your pelvis facing you.

(3) The wearing surface of the foot is naturally from the heel. Keep breathing effortless.

■ Improve the amount of exercise with awareness of breath and form

By taking in a large amount of fresh air while conscious of exhaling, oxygen spreads to every corner of the body and a fat burning effect can be expected. The point is vomiting twice and inhaling once, the rhythm of "ha ha, su". For your health, be aware of your breathing first.

Also, always walk with the image of your legs extending from the valley. The muscles in the center of the body are used, naturally increasing the stride length and increasing the amount of exercise. If you want to increase the exercise effect, we recommend going down the stairs.

■ If you pay attention to the form, can you improve your back pain?

People who have back pain tend to have their pelvis tilted and their center of gravity slightly behind. In this position, the waist and thigh front muscles are tight. Keep your pelvis upright to increase the flexibility of your front thigh muscles. Even when walking, using the psoas major muscles will improve back pain.

Go one step further and check out such places

In addition to walking and posture, let's focus on such parts.

■ Shoes

When you start walking as an exercise, choose walking shoes. Walking shoes with high cushioning properties, such as running shoes, can easily become tired. Recommended is that there is little difference in height between the front and rear soles, which is easy to take the correct posture.

■ Nutrition and hydration

Always be careful about a well-balanced meal. In particular, vitamins, which are often found in vegetables and fruits, have the effect of improving sugar and fat metabolism. Also, if you sweat, use a sports drink to supplement minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium.

■ Recommended time is morning

You may have heard that sun exposure increases the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin regulates the autonomic nervous system that controls heart function, metabolism, respiration, etc., and is said to reduce stress by keeping the heart in balance. It is said that the sun stimulates the sympathetic nerve, activates the serotonergic nerve and stimulates the secretion of serotonin, and the recommended time is in the morning where you can walk while taking the morning sun.

Aim for a body that won't get tired by stretching after walking
After walking, it is also recommended to stretch your body to improve your body. The "stretch behind the thighs" introduced here is a stretch that adjusts the hip joint, hamstrings, and pelvis, and is effective not only in improving flexibility but also in stabilizing the pelvis, and by setting the orientation of the pelvis correctly. , The power of the lower body can be demonstrated without waste.

■ Stretch behind the thigh

(1) Stand against a wall, etc., and attach your right foot to the wall. The point of movement is that the pelvis faces the front wall when stretching the back of the thigh. Please note that the effect will be weaker if the pelvis is oblique.

(2) Move your hands around the shin without rolling your waist, and take 10 slow breaths. Same on the other side. At this time, be careful not to lean, lean, or curl.

How was it?コ The trick to keep walking is not to overdo it. Even a little shortage can be expected to be effective enough. Do not make a quota such as XX steps a day, but first have an awareness of "improving the quality" of everyday walking. It would be nice to make friends who walk together. On holidays, stroll through the park or go shopping in the city to refresh yourself.

Why don't you change your shoes casually, take a big step forward, and have a habit of sending a healthy body and mind every day?

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Eggs are good for your health!

Eggs are good for your health! Did you know that it has this effect?

Eggs are now an essential ingredient in our lives!

I eat delicious and cheap and just a lot (* ^ ^ *)

 Boiled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs.

It is also attractive that it can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as mixing with other dishes ♪

However, some people hate eggs.

The reason is

High in cholesterol
Scary Salmonella
Seems to be the majority.

 However, the health power of eggs seems to be gaining attention recently!

This time about the health power of eggs!

Did you know that there are five effects?

 let's go! !

Egg city legend
Egg and cholesterol mistakes
Salmonella mistake

5 Reasons Eggs Are Good for Your Body!
Egg health power 1, Colin is amazing! !
Egg health power 2, well balanced nutrition such as vitamins and minerals!
Egg health power 3, strengthen bones, hair and nails!
Egg health power 4, good for the eyes!
Egg health power 5, good for diet!
Egg city legend

Eggs are good for your body ♪

That said, some people do not eat eggs for various reasons.

I will follow in order! ! !

Egg and cholesterol mistakes
"I have high cholesterol."

That said, some people don't eat much eggs.

Such my parents

Eggs are high in cholesterol so only one per day

I was raised.


Elevating cholesterol by eating eggs does not seem to be human.

There is only one egg per day in the days when supplies were scarce after the war.

Eggs were valuable.

Therefore, it seems that the superstition that eggs are prized so much that only one egg per day is born.

At present, research results show that ingestion of cholesterol from eggs does not affect blood cholesterol level, but also plays a role as a `` bandage plaster '' such as helping to generate bile acids necessary for digestion of cell membranes and fats. I understand.

Evil treats egg cholesterol! !

Salmonella mistake
First, let's understand what Salmonella is!

Salmonella is one of the bacteria that causes food poisoning.

Growth temperature is over 10 ℃
Especially at temperatures above 20 ° C, fertility increases
Salmonella grows up to 37 ° C
That means.

The symptoms of salmonella food poisoning can occur within 48 hours.

Heat generation of 39 ° C or more
Such symptoms appear.

Infected children with low immunity and the elderly rarely become more severe.

That said, Salmonella is easy to control.

"Die by enough heating"

In other words, it seems OK if you heat it so much that the whites and yolks harden in the usual cooking.

If you want to know the specific time

The standard is to heat at 75 ° C for 1 minute or more, or at 65 ° C for 5 minutes or more.

In addition, eggs originally sold at supermarkets etc. are based on the Food Sanitation Law.

"Mostly sterilized and sterilized before shipping"

This means that eggs that are properly managed at low temperatures and eat within the expiration date are almost free of Salmonella.

5 Reasons Eggs Are Good for Your Body!

I've explained some common mistakes about eggs above.

With that in mind, I will talk about the reasons why eggs are good for health!

It is a must-see for what effect it has! !

Egg health power 1, Colin is amazing! !
The ingredient called choline is a name that you don't hear much.

But the choline in the egg is amazing!

The effects of choline work primarily on the brain.

What kind of effect is there?

It promotes the repair and organization of brain and cell membranes.

That's amazing!

To be specific, choline alone is not enough


The above effect is obtained by producing the neurotransmitter called.

Conversely, when acetylcholine runs short

Decreased learning ability
Memory disorder
It can be one of these causes.

So eating an egg means

Ingesting choline → Acetylcholine is generated → Promotes memory and brain growth

That's it!

Moreover, the amount of choline in eggs is about three times that of soybeans.

In addition, egg choline is the most easily absorbed characteristic of food.

Studies have also shown that taking choline and vitamin B12 together can help improve dementia.

Here, I want to recommend

"Pregnant and nursing women"

This is because acetylcholine is sent to the baby through the body and through breast milk, which tends to be scarce.

So pregnant women and newborn moms should actively eat eggs ♪

Egg health power 2, well balanced nutrition such as vitamins and minerals!
Only vitamins as nutrients in eggs

Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B2
But it is included in a well-balanced manner.

Not only that, but also with other nutrients

Omega-3 fatty acids
Contains such minerals.

Of special note are omega-3 fatty acids!

It is an indispensable substance for lifestyle-related diseases and diets.

The effects of omega-3 fatty acids

Lower cholesterol
Lowers triglycerides
Hypertension prevention
Prevention of arteriosclerosis and myocardial infarction
There are many effects, such as.

I'm glad that you can easily take it with eggs ☆

Egg health power 3, strengthen bones, hair and nails!
Eggs contain many ingredients that strengthen bones, hair and nails.

Regarding "bone"
The calcium in the eggs helps and vitamin D is produced in the body when exposed to ultraviolet light.

In addition, the nails, hair, bones, teeth, etc. are collectively strengthened and have a function of activating cells and an antioxidant effect.

Regarding "hair and nails"

Animal proteins, vitamin A, vitamin H, iron, and vitamin D mentioned above are also active.

In addition, zinc in eggs is an element that modern people tend to lack!

Lack of zinc can cause symptoms such as fatigue, tiredness, and lack of energy as a man ('・ ω ・ `)

In addition, zinc can be expected to promote metabolism of nails, hair and skin!

Especially for men, zinc is said to be important for restoring confidence.

This one that is used by more than 60,000 people is also amazing.

Egg health power 4, good for the eyes!
Surprisingly, eggs are good for your eyes!

"If you're tired, drink raw eggs."

There is a word from old days.

In fact, eggs contain a lot of good substances for the eyes.

In particular

Vitamin A
Vitamin B
These play a big role.

Vitamin A is significantly involved in the formation of the cornea and surrounding muscles of the eye.

Vitamin B has a role in activating metabolism.

One of the causes of eye fatigue is poor metabolism.

It seems that eye cells tend to accumulate fatigue and become tired when they are old.

There, vitamin B plays a significant role.

Lutein is an ingredient that has recently attracted attention.

Eye drops and supplements containing lutein are increasing as well!

Many of you may have seen it, right?

Lutein is also called natural sunglasses and plays a role in cutting blue light.

Also, it seems that the incidence of cataract, which is likely to occur with aging, is being given.

What are the features of egg lutein? Absorption into the body is higher than green and yellow vegetables.

Thorough egg is a good food for your eyes!

Egg health power 5, good for diet!
Eggs are actually good for diet!

Somehow eggs seemed to be versatile ingredients (laughs)

Metabolic syndrome, a symptom common to modern people.

It is characterized by high neutral fat and low good cholesterol.


The choline in the egg controls the amount of neutral fat.

And it doesn't increase visceral fat because it is almost free of carbohydrates.

aside from that. Eating eggs fills your stomach even though it is small.

If you eat it with a boiled egg, you will especially notice that feeling.

Recent research has shown that eating morning eggs makes it difficult to get hungry during the day.

In addition, the eggs themselves are low-calorie ingredients.

Eating two morning eggs is modest in calories.

For reference, one calorie in a boiled egg is

About 91 kcal

You can see that even if you eat two, there are fewer than rice and side dishes!

The diet effect of the egg still continues.

Omega-3 fatty acids contained in eggs.

Exercise with ingestion of these omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to promote fat burning!

From these things, eggs are also effective for dieting ♪

Diabetes starts without sound

▒ Diabetes starts without sound, but when left untreated, chronic disease causing scary complications.

Diabetes is the name given to the escape of sugar in the urine. The food we eat turns into glucose, which carries blood from the blood vessels to the cells. The glucose transported to the cells is used as an energy source for our bodies. To get glucose into the cells, a hormone called insulin is secreted from the pancreas. However, if the insulin secretion is insufficient or does not function properly, glucose will not be able to move to the cell, and the glucose in the blood becomes high blood sugar. So, leaving high blood sugar can lead to complications wherever blood flows.

Diabetes is divided into type 1 and type 2, and type 1 diabetes is also called pediatric diabetes. The reason is that it does not produce insulin at all. Type 2 diabetes is mainly caused by obesity and stress due to overeating, heavy drinking, and lack of exercise.

Diabetes is not a pain or acute pain that the patient feels. In low hyperglycemia, you may not feel symptoms or feel very weak and may not realize that you are a diabetic. However, if your blood sugar rises a lot, you will be thirsty, urinate frequently, hungry, and tired and lose weight. If these symptoms persist for a long time and maintain high blood sugar, there are many complications. This is why diabetes is terrible.

Diabetes complications can occur in all parts of our body where blood vessels pass. Retinopathy in the eye can cause blindness, and kidney function can worsen and hemodialysis may be necessary. In addition, diabetic foot disease, which causes ulcers in the feet, may occur, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as angina pectoris and stroke is also increased. Literally, head to toe cannot be free from diabetes complications. Hyperglycemia, which seems to be no big problem now, is actually the beginning of various complications of diabetes. How can you prevent this dreadful complication?

▒ Diabetes, the first three months dominate your life.

Lifestyle habits of diabetic patients actively managed through education, treatment and surgery

“The first three months after being diagnosed with diabetes determine life. Diabetes is very important for diet and exercise, or lifestyle. It is not easy to change the lifestyle you have lived in the meantime, but you should try to correct the lifestyle thoroughly for 3 months. That way, your blood sugar management can be stabilized and you can slow the progression of your diabetes and slow down the complications. ”

Prof. Moon Kyu-kyu says the answer is thorough education and practice in the first three months. Naturally, it led to a story about the educational program being conducted at Samsung Seoul Diabetes Center.

“There is a breakfast program at our diabetes center. I'm in the diabetes education room on an empty stomach early in the morning. That's where you take your blood sugar, take your prescribed medication, and go to the restaurant. In the restaurant, the nutritionist in the garden prepares the food and prepares the diet according to the recommended calories. Invite patients to cook their own rice and side dishes in calories. If a patient adds a lot of rice, the nutritionist takes it a little bit, and if it's small, he fills it up and trains himself. I'll tell you after you do it first, instead of ‘Please put as much as yo’, and it will be more effective if you are trained through trial and error. ”

In the bookstore's health corner, there are countless books about diabetes. The reality is that even if you search the Internet, you can find a lot of related information. However, it is true that there is a limit to such things. It's hard to memorize the many food types and calories of each food, and it's hard to grasp what kind of food you need to eat in real life. However, if you experience the first-hand experience through such breakfast education, you will receive great help in real life. No matter how well you explain how to ride a bike, it's like trying to pedal with two feet and falling down a few times before you can really ride.

The more advanced form of breakfast education is the inpatient treatment program, which helps diabetics stay in the hospital for a week to learn the correct lifestyle while learning diet, exercise, blood glucose measurement, and insulin injection.

And this kind of diabetes education is also done outside the hospital, diabetes camps.

“Our adult diabetic camp is the first educational program in Korea that started in 1996. No matter how you explain it to your patients, it's never been easier to change and settle a hardened lifestyle for 30 or 40 years. That's why we live together for three nights and four days, and let's talk about diet, exercise, self-glycemia, insulin injections, etc. Every year, I attend diabetes camps, give special lectures to patients, and let them know more about their questions. ”

In fact, many patients are diagnosed with diabetes, have no idea where to do it, and have difficulty managing it alone. If these patients experience diabetes for three nights, learn sports, and talk too much in the doctor's office, they will feel confident, 'Oh, you can do this.' Indeed, I wondered if the patients who participated in the camp were diabetic.

“Of course it will be different. It's hard to have a lifelong effect with a single education, but at least the diabetic campers will be outpatients after three months of blood glucose. Of course, it's also difficult because habits can be embodied for life. That's why this education has to be repeated over and over again. ”

In addition, Samsung Medical Center's Diabetes Center has various educational programs and materials, including basic education, in-depth education, injection method education, and pregnant woman education. In addition to the treatment of diabetics, he felt the need for lifestyle correction education and started actively earlier than any hospital in Korea.

Not only education. The therapeutic aspect is also leading the use of a continuous glucose meter for the accurate and accurate diagnosis and treatment of diabetic patients.

“Self-blood glucose measurement has a limited number of measurements per day. However, there is a continuous blood glucose meter that can measure blood sugar 24 hours a day. A sensor that delivers blood glucose levels is inserted subcutaneously to measure blood sugar in tissue fluid every five minutes. That's 288 blood sugar checks a day. While you can't sleep, you can't check your blood sugar yourself, and how many nurses do you have? And in fact, many people check their blood sugar at the hospital the day they come out and take only prescribed medicines without checking their blood sugar properly. So I think that continuous blood glucose measurement can change the paradigm of diabetes treatment in the future. It is a new medical technology that can make more accurate and accurate diagnosis and treatment. About half of the treatment using continuous blood glucose meter is done in our hospital. ”

Samsung Seoul Hospital's leadership does not stop here. The pancreas in patients with type 1 pediatric diabetes also allows transplantation. It is a surgery that selects and transplants only islet cells that produce insulin from another pancreas. In Korea, Samsung Medical Center was the first to start in 1999. Even now, pancreatic islets occupy a unique position as a transplant surgery.

▒ Diabetes, such as marathon

Live with the patient and complete diabetes through lifestyle correction and management!

Professor Lee, Moon-Kyu, who has been with him for many years, stresses the importance of improving the lifestyle of diabetics and education for improvement, there is a special patient memorable.

“One year, I had a hat with a diabetic camper. Both of them were diabetic. At first, my mother came to the diabetes camp, and one day I was forced to bring my son. My son, who was in his early 30's, had more severe symptoms. So I couldn't control my diet, and I drank a lot at drinking, so my blood sugar went up a lot. It was a young, handsome handsome bachelor, who was screaming inside. My mother was forced to take it to the diabetes camp because I couldn't manage my blood sugar. Since then, I have become a completely new person. (Laughter)

It was also a story of a patient who correctly received the education emphasized by Professor Lee Moon-kyu. Whatever the illness, the doctor's diagnosis and prescription are important, but taking medication is important, but the usual lifestyle

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We burden our eyes more than thirty years ago. Using mobile phones and tablets does not contribute to healthy vision

We burden our eyes more than thirty years ago. Using mobile phones and tablets does not contribute to healthy vision

Last year's October 10 is World Sight Day. On this occasion, experts recall how we are currently burdening our eyesight. While we were only watching TV screens, computer monitors and smart phones have been added to this over the past decade. How do these smart devices spoil our eyes? 

We place great demands on our eyesight, which should also lead to more care for our eyes. But this is not happening. Only a third of patients go to preventive examinations and many others neglect the first signs of serious problems.

This should be highlighted by World Sight Day, which falls on 10 October. Within the framework of this project you can, for example, come to Brno for an examination of the “eye tram”, which will be parked on Česká Street in front of the Church of St. James. Tomas. NeoVize clinicians will measure the eyesight from 12am to 5pm.

What can you do besides prevention for your tired eyes? Occasionally, there are warning signs that excessive use of your phone spoils your eyesight. While watching the display of the mobile phone we forget to blink, eyes dry and sooner tired. However, this negative effect is only temporary.

It is a light source that leads to pupil narrowing and retinal illumination. Thus, the eye is not directly at risk, but it will soon become tired due to increased exertion, which may be manifested, for example, by dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision .

In addition to the intensity of light, its color is also important for the human body. The strongest effect is blue light, which activates receptors on the retina that control alertness. When we are exposed to blue light for too long and not cyclically, as is normal in nature, the natural biorhythm is disturbed. In the evening we do not want to sleep and during the day we are sleepy and restless. The screens of computers, televisions, smartphones and tablets also emit this light.

So how do you help your eyes? Just look more into the distance and preferably into the green.

“As the muscles move the eye, which looks in different directions and at different distances, the eye is also massaged, perfused. It also stimulates metabolism, ”advises Lucie Valešová, eye doctor at the DuoVize Clinic.

One of the most common problems that occurs as a result of too close a close-up of the screen is dry eye syndrome. It affects every seventh person. Why is this so?

Do you think that it is enough to occasionally reach for artificial tears and that red eyes simply work on a computer, and in addition, in an air-conditioned room belong? Forget it! You should address the problem immediately with an ophthalmologist. On the one hand, it will recommend drops that do not harm your eye and, above all, it can identify any inflammation. It must be treated, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the eye.

Drops that treat inflammation not only as a result of dry eyes increase the risk of high intraocular pressure. This is a big problem because high intraocular pressure can damage the optic nerve fibers.

High intraocular pressure also results in dangerous green haze. The problem is that, like blood pressure, it doesn't hurt. The patient does not know anything, so preventive examinations are so important.

“You should have your eyes checked every two to three years, then over the age of 45 once a year. If you have a disease in your family, it is better to start at the age of forty, ”recommends eye doctor Valešová.

In the case of glaucoma, visual field failures occur. Doctors describe it as a falling curtain or a growing wall. There is no cure for the disease, but it can slow down the progression. Usually special eye drops are sufficient. Laser treatment or surgery is rarely necessary.

Conversely, in cataracts, surgery is the only solution and can save patients from blindness. This is one of the reasons why the interest in eye surgery in the Czech Republic has increased in recent years. These are especially those who have undergone cataract surgery.

Cataract most often affects seniors over 65 years.

“Cataract formation is multifactorial, many factors play a role in its development - age, metabolic changes in the lens, nutrition, heredity, and therefore its prevention cannot be prevented,” explains doc. MUDr. Šárka Skorkovská, CSc., Head of NeoVize Brno Eye Clinic. The problem with cataracts is that it may not show itself for a long time.

How can you tell if something is wrong? Cataract is basically an eye lens disease. Originally a clear lens loses its transparency and therefore the view through it looks like a view through frosted glass.

“Depending on the degree of damage, the patient may observe blurry and blurred vision, no sharp image, especially when looking at objects in the distance. He may have a feeling

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Which diet plan will help you reduce weight?

BEST Diet Plans

Every day I come across the claim of a new and "best" diet that there is a new diet that would help you put pounds down. Diets that promise fast results.

Fast weight loss and choosing the best diet plan is something most of us have tried at least once ... twice ... or even three times.

But before you throw away your whole milk products, look at other options. Accordingly, it is more effective than reducing carbohydrates after a low-carbohydrate diet and a Mediterranean diet. The real kicker is his claim that no diets work very well in the long run and the risks of low fat are real.

But don't lose hope. You will see that there is an optimal diet plan that will help you lose weight. It's the one that works for you. Not your wife, your cousin or your co-worker, but one that works with the needs of your body, and when combined with regular exercise, you will feel great.

So, what are the best diet plans for losing weight? A diet plan should not be considered something that should follow for several weeks or months until you reach your target weight and then return to the old ways. In fact, that's the exact reason scientists say that diets don't work.

Instead, a diet plan should be a lifestyle change, something you can stick to, because unlike starvation or strange products, it is something sustainable. In the way you eat, you should feel it is the best. At the same time, provide the body with the nutrients it needs to live a long, happy and healthy life.

Which diet plan will help you reduce weight?

There are several variants and we will look at a few of them.


In a low-carbohydrate diet or in a ketoogenic diet (an extremely low-carbohydrate diet) you drastically reduce or eliminate the amount of glucose you eat. Once glucose is expelled from the body and there are no carbohydrates that your body can use for energy, the body will instead work with stored fat and help you lose weight quickly.


Rapid weight loss is likely to occur, especially in the first weeks and months. When we eat foods with sugar and carbohydrates, our body releases insulin. It sends a signal to your cells to store as much energy as glycogen - ie Fat - as possible. By drastically reducing carbohydrate intake, our body releases less insulin. Less insulin in the bloodstream means that glycogen is used by these bodies as energy and is not stored - and when this supply is complete, it turns into fat.

You could reduce the risk of developing diabetes. When you switch to a low carbamide diet, you naturally take much less sugar and starch because high carbohydrate diets can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Ideally replacing grains and other carbohydrates with protein-rich foods and healthy fats will make you fuller and less hungry. Fats and proteins are known for their effect, while reducing insulin intake helps turn off ghrelin, the "hungry hormone".


Lowering or completely eliminating carbohydrates can result in lack of energy and feelings of fatigue, which is not exactly the motivation you need to hit the gym. If you are extremely active - for example, you are training a marathon or training intensively - a low carbohydrate diet may not give you the stamina you need to continue.

Carbohydrates lurk in unexpected places such as fruits, legumes and quinoa. Total elimination from your diet may mean the loss of essential vitamins and minerals.


Low-fat diets reduce the amount of total fat you eat per day. The diet became particularly popular in America after the federal government's dietary guidelines were issued in 1980, leading to the proliferation of low-fat foods. In our country, it seems to me that it still holds the most.


Foods high in fat are usually full of calories. If you play strictly numerical games, reducing high-calorie foods, it will help you to lose weight


Low-fat foods are often processed foods or what I call "frankfenfoods", filled with sugar and unnatural ingredients designed to make low-calorie foods behave as full-fledged counterparts. These added ingredients can actually cause weight gain.

Low fat foods are not as tasty.

Our body needs fat! While foods like avocado or butter may be full of calories, they are full of healthy fats that our body needs to function properly. In addition, what would you prefer to eat: homemade healthy butter, or a "butter-like substitute" created in the lab?


People on the Mediterranean diet can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, use fats such as olive oil and eat high-quality poultry and seafood.


Because this diet focuses on foods found in nature, you will eat very little processed or sweet foods.

The amount of foods rich in healthy fats helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

It is simply a sustainable diet for a longer time. With the addition of a casual glass of red wine or steak, this diet will allow you to enjoy healthy and good food.

This diet is good for your cannon in the long run


While healthy fats are good for us, portion control still needs to be done, which can be difficult for some people.

If you are trying to lose weight quickly, this diet is not for you


While there are different levels of vegetarian and vegan diets, most vegetarians avoid eating meat, including seafood and poultry. What do vegans eat? They take it much deeper and avoid all animal products that come from animals, including milk and eggs.


The plant diet is naturally low in fat and fiber. No need to count calories when preparing salad.

Vegetarian diets have been associated with lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. (5) If you want to naturally manage these conditions, it can eliminate meat.

Good, quality meat can be expensive! Removing from your eating can actually save you money in your food budget.


What do meatless, deep-fried burritos, potato chips and french fries have in common? None of them are healthy and are vegetarians / vegans. Simply removing animal products does not guarantee that you will eat healthy nutritious foods.

High quality animal meat provides good nutritional values ​​that are difficult to replace. Vegans should pay particular attention to supplementing nutritional deficiencies and should consider adding food supplements.


What about Paleo vegan diet? These are two of the most fashionable diets. "Going Paleo" is something you hear more and more, especially in athletic communities like CrossFitness. It is modeled on what our ancient ancestors should eat thousands of years ago.


In this diet, the source of carbohydrates is mainly fruits, nuts, vegetables and very limited sweet potatoes.


One of the biggest drawbacks of the paleo concept is limited carbohydrate sources due to the exclusion of cereals, legumes and industrially processed foods.

Another disadvantage is the excluded intake of dairy products, the removal of dairy products from the diet also decreases the intake of calcium, without consuming foods enriched with calcium can not ensure a sufficient daily dose of calcium. However, they emphasize the importance of vitamin D and physical activity for adequate bone development.

Since the paleo diet is rich in protein intake, it is also more expensive compared to conventional diets and it is not so easy to maintain this diet really strictly.

One of the last and most difficult things is to keep this diet plan just because of low carbohydrate intake and we are not talking about renouncing a lot of other foods you are used to.


Personally, I am quite skeptical about all these diets. I have also gone through several diets and all certainly work. In the future, new and revolutionary diets will be invented to help you make a quirky result in a short time. But it's still over and over. That's why I advise. Try and find the right diet for you. And above all, it will be sustainable in the long term and without a “jojo” effect.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Benefits of morning walk

These are the big benefits from going to a morning walk daily / these are the big benefits from going to a daily walking walk:

Going on the morning walk gives full body exercise.
There are many benefits to going on a morning walk sometime in the morning. By going on the walk, the exercise of the whole body is done. Also, the body remains healthy and energetic throughout the day, but few people know that walking for a while in the morning is one of the most economical exercises we often overlook. According to a research, people who walk for 30 minutes daily are much less likely to have heart-related illnesses. If walking is combined with proper eating and meditation, then the risk of heart diseases becomes almost negligible.

1. Cancer stays away :

People whose routine and food is regular. Those people are much less likely to get cancer. Morning walk is an exercise that keeps many incurable diseases away. According to a research published in 1999, regular morning walk reduces the chances of getting cancer.
2. Increase in the level of good hormones:

Walking also increases the good hormones like endorphins and serotonin. Both these hormones maintain health. People who have hormonal imbalance should walk for at least 30 minutes daily.

3. Obesity is less :
If you are over weight then morning walk can prove to be beneficial for you. Walking a mile burns 100 calories. Actually, the glucose level in the body is very low in the morning. Fat burns quickly when walking at this time due to low levels of glucose.
4. Improves memory:
Daily morning walk increases blood circulation of the entire body. As the blood circulation increases, the oxygen level in the body increases and the oxygen reaches the brain directly. According to a research by California University, walking daily in the morning reduces the chances of Alzheimer's.
5. For healthy skin:

Blood circulation is corrected by doing morning walk. Problems related to the stomach are also removed, with this the skin remains shiny and young.
6. Cholesterol is controlled :
Many people are unable to believe that walking has such a great effect on the body, because walking does not sweat like exercise, but it is not so. Actually, the truth is that it is the best exercise for blood pressure patients. Going on a regular morning walk keeps cholesterol and blood pressure under control.

7. Muscles remain healthy:

Daily morning walk increases the strength of muscles. Walking keeps the muscles tone. That is why it is better to go on a regular morning walk than sweating in exercise for hours.

Importance of water

:قرآن میں جگہ جگہ ذکر ہے کہ ’’ہم نے زمین و آسمان چھ دن میں بنائے‘‘ بے شک زمین و انسان کی تخلیق میں پانی اہم                                                                                                                                   
The presence of the Spirit in the body is a symbol of life and water is the most important thing in order to survive. The basic need of every soul is water. Seventy percent of the land is composed of rivers and oceans on water. Even though 25 or only 30% is used for drinking water, agricultural countries need it most for agricultural commodities. Pakistan is an agricultural country, it has a backbone status for agriculture and industry, but sadly drinking water has become rare in some countries in the world, including our country Pakistan. In 2025, we will not be facing severe water shortages. In South Africa's Cape Town, underground water has dried up, while water has its own science. Water goes from deep to sweet or unusable. Water scarcity is a problem all over the world, but Chinese experts say that they are using 60-70%, which is why in agriculture it exports onion, ginger and garlic. Because of the seaweed, Malta is the leading producer of fruits in Pakistan, which goes to China, but the farmers are getting less than the amount of water they need for our agriculture. The canal system is built in the British era. Not paying attention to the new dam. As much money is being spent on the Green and Orange Line, dams are more important for the economy and agriculture of the country. Not only does it survive but the fountains and waterfalls are flowing from them and flows and flows into the rivers and oceans. Instead of using our domestic and agricultural needs, let them fall into the sea from the rivers if we are to feed small ducks. Make it safe so that we can greatly benefit our agriculture and make the farmers prosperous, and prevent floods. Can generate electricity at the regional level in the summer, but can be self-sufficient for drinking, home use and agriculture.